Aims and Scope/ Editorial Board/ Confirmation

Aims and Scope of Glottometrics

Glottometrics publishes original scientifc articles devoted to the quantification, measurement and mathematical modeling of any linguistic phenomena. The journal is focused on research conducted on the on the basis of reflected, sound methodology of Quantitative linguistis and text analysis, in line with the philosophy of science.

Editorial Board of Glottometrics

E. KelihUniv. Vienna (Austria)
 Editorial Board 
G Altmann*1931 – † 2020Founding Editor
S. AndreevUniv. Smolensk (Russia)
K.-H. BestUniv. Göttingen (Germany) 
R. ČechUniv. Ostrava (Czech Republic)
R. KöhlerUniv. Trier (Germany)
H. LiuUniv. Zhejiang (China)
J. MačutekUniv. Bratislava (Slovakia)   
A. MehlerUniv. Frankfurt (Germany)
M. MísteckýUniv. Ostrava (Czech Republic)
G. WimmerUniv. Bratislava (Slovakia)
P. ZörnigUniv. Brasilia (Brasilia)

History of the journal

The journal was established in 2001 by a pioneer of Quantitative Linguistics Gabriel Altmann. Glottometrics continues the tradition of the journal Glottometrika published in 1980-2000.


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